Headstone Buying Guide

For most of you, this would be your first-time monument buying experience. You probably would not be aware of the products and processes that go into creating a lasting, unique and memorable tribute. Cemetery, funeral homes, monument retailers and online monument stores are the common choices to buy a monument. With all these sources and the information that they provide, it can get very confusing when purchasing a memorial. We have attached a buying questionnaire explained in plain English. Make copies of this questionnaire and get it answered when you shop for a memorial of your loved one.

Rule # 1: Never buy a monument without comparing at least one of each seller in the above category…. not even ours. It may get even more confusing when you actually begin looking for a monument to purchase… however; we definitely encourage you to go to the display location. If you look at two or more companies you may find that there is different terminology used by each company, some similar fact and a lot of contradicting facts. The only way to make sure of the facts is to see it in person.

Rule # 2: Make certain you are comparing “apples to apples”. Keep in mind, just because it is the same size does not mean it is the same quality. Like diamonds, there are many different grades of granite. More importantly, carving and lettering is extremely labor intensive and can be done in a variety of ways. The quality of your lettering should be a major factor when purchasing. Ask about double process carving and lettering.

Rule # 3: Remember you are purchasing a monument because of love … not because it is the cheapest. Don’t cut corners when it comes to memorials. Make it unique, distinct and above all get it designed to reflect the personality. There are a lot of options available that would help you design a tribute that is as unique as your loved one.

Rule # 4: Don’t let anyone “nickel and dime” you and prevent you from designing unique features just because it is expensive. Most of the distinct features that are used in crafting a unique memorial will cost just a little more and are fractional compared to the overall cost of the memorial.

Rule # 5: Purchase from someone that knows monuments. Many times sales representatives that are working on a commission, know little about monuments. Ask them where the monument would be manufactured and what options you have. Just basic questions about the manufacturing process will separate the men from the boys. Anyone that knows about the process will know more about monuments.

Rule # 6: Warranty Several one ­man monument companies have come and gone in many of the areas we have dealt with on the eastern coast of the country. Buy from a reliable source. Ask for the warranty certificates and look for the reliability and the means to back up that warranty. Remember monument is a product that is meant to last for centuries.

We at Headstone sell more monuments and memorial products than anyone else in the state. We quarry, design, craft and sculpt granite for more than 700 dealers nationwide. A monument for a loved one is a tribute that should be as unique as the person themselves. We guarantee to bring you the best that you could get. We hand pick the finest grade of granite from our own quarries and craft them with master craftsmen in our own factories. We control the processes from quarrying to installation at the cemetery. We don’t trust anyone else with the memorials that tell a lasting life story.

When you deal with us, you deal with the quarries direct. In a typical monument buying process, the retailer that you buy from sources his products from a wholesale distributor, who gets it from the factories that, manufacture them. The factory, in turn, sources their raw materials from quarries like ours. When you buy a memorial from Headstone you eliminate at least 3 middlemen and of course their profits.

We have the nation’s largest indoor display of more than 1000 unique monuments, mausoleums, markers and much more. We stock more than 4000 monuments, markers, and memorial products at any given time. Custom made or standard in stock monuments, we can personalize it to the last detail.

We stand by our products, no matter what. Our products come with the most comprehensive iron clad warranty in the industry.

We DO NOT use any artificial coloring agent or dyes in our granite. What you get is 100% natural granite product that is meant to last forever.